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Because sometimes the book the world needs, would never make a bestseller list.


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The Wheel of the Year from a plant's perspective. The old apple tree, a crone, and her garden celebrate the pagan holidays together.

Apple Tree Altar

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A picture book for all ages about navigating the loss of someone special. Written with the distraught brain in mind. 


There are lots of blank spaces in this book. Everyone does grieving a little differently. This book is about the general process, but it's also about just you. Add your experience in the blank spaces, in the margins, on the cover, anywhere you want. And scribble out anything that doesn't apply. Everybody's experience is a little different and we should all help each other anyway. Find what you need and go with that. 

Sometimes Illness Wins

a Guide to Understanding and Living with Grief

Chester's Hoard

All dragons are born tiny, Chester stayed that way. As his one gold coin gets traded for food and finery, Chester travels along with it.

Authors and Illustrators

Carrie Black runs a 1/2 acre mini-farm and pretty much always has dirt under her fingernails. She believes in extremely dark chocolate, perfectly ripe berries, and the curative powers of other humans delighted to see you. 

Beck Bowles, LCSW. Completed a Masters degree in Social Work in 2017 at the University of Utah, where she studied forensic and aging social work. She is a clinician working private practice in Holladay, Utah, and is passionate about helping people heal. She is an advocate for mental health awareness, access, and removing the stigma around mental health treatment. 

Kindra Fehr is an artist, teacher, podcaster, mommy, and wife. Her work often explores life, journey, death, transcendence, and spirituality using the metaphor of a paper airplane. She earned a BFA in drawing/painting from the University of Utah, has studied at the Lacoste School of the Arts in France, and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.  

Aria Hancock is a 16-year-old artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. Her art has been in several exhibitions, in soon to be released video games, and sold through RedBubble. Aria loves dragons, animation, video games, and books. She's on the path to be a professional animator as a career. 

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Because sometimes the book the world needs, would never make a bestseller list.

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Why does Filling the Gap Publishing exist? In 2017 Carrie's daughter, Adeline, was preparing to apply to Art School. She wanted to be an illustrator and what better way to show off your illustrator ambitions than with a picture book? Adeline was also in the hospital at the time. Chester's Hoard was written in the hours it took to drive to and from the hospital twice a day. On good days Adeline worked on concept art. When Adeline died in 2018, with Chester's Hoard unfinished, Carrie knew finishing her daughter's book would be an integral part of the grieving process. Carrie also found herself being given a lot of books about grieving. None of them were as helpful as they could have been. So she wrote the book she wished someone had been able to give her, Sometimes Illness Wins. Every editor and agent she pitched it to wanted Sometimes Illness Wins for themselves, but a picture book for grieving adults and children, didn't fit within their publishing areas. Turns out, sometimes the book the world needs, would never make a bestseller list. So here we are, filling the gaps.




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